Professional TV & Audio wall mounting fitted quickly and securely.

Get your TV and audio wall mounted by a professional!


TV Wall Mounting Service in Southampton, Eastleigh, Winchester & Romsey.

We offer professional TV wall mounting in Southampton with our local HANDYMAN SERVICES. Our Timbafix handyman can mount any type of TV/PC screen to any kind of wall securely and efficiently within your home or business. A trustworthy and reliable handyman will arrive at your property fully equipped with the right tools for the job. We will talk you through the options you have available and determine the best spot to install the TV.

Timbafix has lots of experience in professional TV Wall Mounting in Southampton and all the surrounding areas.

Increasing numbers of customers require wall-mounted TVs in their homes or businesses. They make sense for people who are restricted by limited space. It doesn’t matter what size the TV is, we can install any size of television from small sets or even a large-scale home cinema-style set-up.

We can mount your TV to masonry, tiled, timber and plasterboard partition walls, you just need the expertise to know how. Associated services are also available with cable concealment, making good to walls and decoration.

Moreover, we offer the supply and installation of floating shelves for game consoles DVRs Media PCs etc… CONTACT us for a free quote.


TV & Audio wall mounting services

Just sit back and relax whilst we do the work!

TV Wall Brackets

We can fit a TV wall bracket you have already purchased or we can supply a TV wall bracket to suit your television and viewing needs, advising you if a multi-position, tilting or flat-to-wall bracket will suit your requirements best.

Electrical Work

In certain cases you may require a new or extra power points directly behind the TV bracket, especially if you don’t want to see any cables. We can work inconjunction with your own electrician or we can arrange this for you with our own qualified electrician.

Cable Management

We can tidy the cables away behind trunking and removable boxing in or we can completely hide cables away behind plasterboard walls or chase out masonry walls and then sink the cables within the wall. Another option we offer is to create a false wall to hide the cables behind or reinforcement of plasterboard walls.

Making Good

Once we have mounted the TV bracket and have concealed all the cables, we are able to cement, fill or plaster the chasing out and repair and fix your wall back to a seamless flush wall and make good to the paintwork and decoration on your new TV Wall.