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We have a huge range of wooden floor options to suit any taste or budget!


Flooring Fitters and Installers in Southampton, Eastleigh, Winchester and Romsey.

Our highly skilled and professional floor fitters have over 15 years of experience in fitting all types of wooden flooring in Southampton. We can also offer all other associated carpentry services like fitting doors, skirting etc…

Therefore, we have vast experience in installing every type of wooden flooring in virtually every type of property. Whether it’s awkward shapes, tricky corners and staircases, or large floor spaces – Then we’ve successfully installed them all.

We pride ourselves on the quality of service and products we supply to our customers. We can also supply you with a free no-obligation quotation.

If you would like a quote, or prefer some free advice on the options available for your property or budget, please call us on 07557 518702 or CONTACT us.

Flooring Contractor in Southampton, Whiteley, Fareham, Gosport, Eastleigh, Winchester and Romsey
Laminate Flooring fitters in Southampton, Whiteley, Fareham, Gosport, Eastleigh, Winchester and Romsey


Laminate Flooring Contractor in Southampton, Eastleigh, Winchester and Romsey.

As expert floor fitters and Installers of quality laminate flooring, we can advise on all aspects of the products we supply but also apply our expertise to the installation of any wooden flooring.

Offering excellent value for money and high-quality features, laminate flooring ensures excellent looks and performance which is why it’s a great solution for any property. Whether it be a residential or commercial setting.

Laminate flooring is extremely durable, highly versatile and available in a wide range of styles. Laminate is a product which can reproduce the look and feel of natural wood and stone to an almost identical quality and is very easy to clean and maintain.

Finally, once we’ve laid your floor, We can add the finishing touches like trimming and reinstalling doors. Finishing the skirting boards and leaving the site clean and tidy.


Engineered Wood Flooring Fitters and Installers in Southampton, Eastleigh, Winchester and Romsey.

We offer high-quality engineered wood flooring installation in Southampton as an affordable alternative to solid wood flooring. Engineered wood flooring is becoming increasingly popular in residential and commercial spaces.

Our engineered floor installation also comes tailored to each and every customer and their own specific requirements.

This type of floor is ideal for use in places where solid wood floors might not be suitable due to exposure to significant changes in temperature or moisture, such as in a conservatory or in conjunction with an underfloor heating system.

The elegant look of a wooden floor can add warmth and character to any property. Get in touch today for a free no obligation quotation.

Engineered Wood Floor installers in Southampton, Whiteley, Fareham, Gosport, Eastleigh, Winchester and Romsey
Flooring Services in Southampton, Whiteley, Fareham, Gosport, Eastleigh, Winchester & Romsey


Professional Flooring Services in Southampton

Solid wood floor fitting and laying services Lock fitting Southampton, Whiteley, Fareham, Gosport, Eastleigh, Winchester and Romsey


Solid Wood Flooring Fitting in Southampton, Eastleigh, Winchester and Romsey.

It’s important to have an experienced floor fitter install real wood. Wood expands and contracts with temperature and moisture changes, so there must be allowances made in the floor design for natural movement over the years. Failure to do this will result in gaps appearing, or the floorboards rising in peaks where the expanding wood is pressing against the sides of the room.

No other floor can match the natural beauty of real wood. Packed full of character, real wood floors bring an unmistakable feel of quality to any home. Real solid wood floors come in an extraordinary range of looks and finishes from characterful rustic and aged oaks to minimal contemporary looks.

Talk to us about a solid wood flooring installation today. Call us on 07557 518702


Luxury Vinyl Flooring Fitters and Installers in Southampton, Eastleigh, Winchester and Romsey.

Luxury vinyl flooring is becoming a popular choice with clients. Hardwearing, easy to clean and have a high-end feel about them. Luxury vinyl flooring is available in water-resistant and heat-resistant planks as well. Making these floors a versatile option and can be used in areas like conservatories and in conjunction with underfloor heating systems.

Available in various options such as realistic wood grain effects, coloured planks and even tile and stone effects. Luxury vinyl floors create a warm and comfortable feel underfoot with classic and contemporary designs making them suitable for any room.

Whilst slightly more expensive per metre a pack than laminate, installation is quick and easy. The floor is rigid, featuring a click-fit system and mostly comes with an integrated underlay.

LVT Vinyl Floor fitters
Floor accessories and underlay


Now you’ve found your perfect floor it’s time to look at the essential accessories to ensure your floor can be installed and maintained properly.

We can supply and fit everything you will need, including underlay, adhesives, edge profiles and maintenance products.

Remember most floor’s need the correct products and matching finishing profiles to ensure a successful installation.

Use the free quote button above to book an appointment for your free site survey now.

We would be very happy to help you achieve your dream floor!


Chipboard Flooring Fitters and Installers in Southampton, Eastleigh, Winchester and Romsey.

Here at Timbafix we also supply and fit new tongue and grooved moisture-resistant OSB and chipboard flooring to your main floor structure also sometimes called the sub-floor.

We can complete a full replacement of your sub-floor or make patch repairs on failing parts of your floor, we can also repair and replace any joist work if required. This can happen due to water ingression like a leak for instance. This type of floor or joist work can sometimes become damaged due to dampness as well.

If you experience issues with your sub-floor then get in CONTACT with us to arrange a free quotation. 

Chipboard floor fitters in Southampton, Whiteley, Fareham, Gosport, Eastleigh, Winchester and Romsey

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